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Natural Landscaping

Working with the natural setting of your property, we can design and implement a plan that works for humans and the environment. We focus on sustainable systems that incorporate harvesting from natural water sources and promote native plant growth.

Instead of concrete and rebar, we incorporate wood and stone into our designs. Wood degradation promotes beneficial fungi growth and moisture retention. Stone erosion and organic break down are what makes soil. Once you have a basic foundation and system, you can add your own plants, trees and features. They will thrive in the environment you have provided for them.

Natural tree mulch would benefit most yard and garden areas. It provides nutrients and increases water retention . I've ordered many free loads from Chip Drop. Their website has a lot of information on how to use it and the benefits.

Sun and Shade Solutions

Most people looking to landscape want a social area and some shade. This is where our approach differs from the norm. We are likely to suggest a temporary affordable solution ($200 cloth and metal gazebo), until your natural environment takes over. It will take 2-3 years before the trees planted will offer much shade and privacy.

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